What is the best type of ladder for cleaning gutters?

By Gutter Expert Henry Gerbin
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Are you wondering what is the best type of ladder for cleaning your home’s gutters?

Well, you definitely came to the right place!

In this RegionalGutterRepair.com guide, you’ll learn:

  • The best ladder types for gutter cleaning
  • Our top ladder recommendations
  • What ladder duty ratings are
  • Ladder safety guidelines for gutter cleaning

And much more!

RGR FEATURED ladder for cleaning gutters

So, if you’re looking for answers on what the best ladders for cleaning your gutters are, keep reading our cost guide below to learn everything you need to know.

Best Type of Ladders for Gutter Cleaning

There is an abundant selection of ladders with different formation capabilities, styles, heights, and uses. 

The best ladders for gutter cleaning are ones with excellent safety ratings. Styles that are extendable with strong supports work well for cleaning gutters.

The height of the ladder is essential too. Gutters are usually 10 to 11 feet high for single-story homes, and we recommend ladders between 15 and 17 feet long. For a two-story house with gutters at about 18 to 19 feet, you need a ladder that can extend between 19 and 22 feet or more. 

Yes, we know – that’s a giant ladder to store just for cleaning your gutters.

Gutter cleaning is a lot of tedious work. It also poses a risk to homeowners– you can fall, injure yourself, or damage your gutters. You don’t have to clean your gutters on your own; give our experts a call or fill out our form if you need help. 

However, if you want to DIY clean your gutters, our top ladder choices for gutter cleaning are below. 

Little Giant Velocity Multi-Position Ladder

This aluminum ladder is a best seller with excellent ratings. It is ideal for just about any job, as it is incredibly versatile. It can easily convert to extension, A-frame, 90-degree, staircase, and trestle-and-plank formations. 

Due to this versatility, it is perfect for cleaning gutters. With its amplified length, it can stretch up and reach hard spots while unclogging gutter systems. It can extend up to 19 feet and can hold up to 300 pounds. 

Additionally, it has a hinge and palm system, which facilitates triple locking, helping you stay safe while scooping leaves out of your gutters. 



  • Heavy construction makes it hard to maneuver 
  • More expensive than other ladders

Xtend and Climb 785P Pro Series

This ladder is a great, compact choice for gutter cleaning. It boasts a collapsible design, allowing it to easily store away when not in use. This high-quality ladder tops out at a maximum extendable height of 19.5 feet. 

However, the recommended safe working height is 15.5 feet, which will only be useful for single-story homes. 

The Xtend and Climb ladder isn’t the lightest at 40 pounds, but given its compact nature and integrated carrying handle, it is relatively easy to carry. The maximum weight it can handle is 250 pounds.

Additionally, the ladder is coated in a clean-touch anodized finish that is easy to clean when you’re finished cleaning the gutters, which we know is a messy task. 

You can just rinse it off with your hose when you are finished for easy cleaning. 


  • Retractable
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Sturdy
  • Safe


  • Minimized weight capacity

Louisville Step Ladder, 12 feet

This lightweight ladder, composed of sturdy fiberglass, is excellent for cleaning your gutters. At only 19 pounds, transporting the ladder from one sport to another is quick and easy. U-shaped back braces make this a very sturdy ladder.

The folding ladder extends 12 feet and can support up to 300 pounds, meaning it can effortlessly handle most adults. 

Slip-resistant rubber feet promote stability while scaling the ladder. It meets all safety standards that ANSI, CSA, and OSHA outline. 


  • Decent height
  • Durable
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Non-conductive 


  • More expensive than other options

Luisladders Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder

This multi-purpose extension ladder system is exceptionally versatile, and you can configure it into nine different formations. 

Whether you are cleaning gutters, cleaning outside windows, or doing any other maintenance work, this ladder is a great choice. This means you’ll only need one good ladder for all your home improvement projects. 

Made up of an aerospace and aircraft-grade aluminum and rugged square rungs with supporting tubes, this ladder can easily handle a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds, which is the highest of all ladders we’ve found. 


  • Incredibly versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Easily storable


  • Heavy construction may be hard to carry around

Ohuhu Telescoping Ladder with Stabilizer Bar

This lightweight telescoping ladder can extend up to 15.5 feet, easily reaching the average height necessary to clean gutter systems on one-story houses. It can support up to 330 pounds too.

The single retraction button makes this ladder convenient to collapse. Its non-slip end caps help with safety, as do the extra-wide rungs. 

It comes with a ladder stabilizer bar and anti-skid foot pads that boost stability and help prevent shaking. The unique lock system pin design holds the rungs in place, eliminating retracting or sliding.

The pins save you from pinching your fingers, as you simply need to pull the ladder open, and the pins automatically insert. 


  • Easily portable
  • Single-button retraction mechanism for straightforward use
  • High weight capacity and heavy-duty construction to match


  • Lack of load support mechanism
  • Average lateral hand grips
  • Inconvenient for cleaning gutters on homes with two or more stories

Werner D1540-2 Ladder

This ladder is a heavy-duty option that is great for gutter cleaning on two-story and three-story homes. 

It is a 40-foot ladder that extends to an ideal working height of 3-feet, more than enough for 2-story gutter cleaning. 

The ladder comes with extra heavy-duty I-beam rails and durable spring-loaded locks for safe and smooth operation. Its pulley design operates smoothly and is protected by the enclosed shape. 

It has mar-resistant end caps, which essentially means it won’t scratch easily. 

The heavy-duty construction lends to a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds. However, it can be difficult to tote around, given that it weighs a whopping 89.5 pounds. (You’ll definitely get a workout in moving this ladder around while cleaning your gutters). 


  • Versatile
  • Stable
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to use
  • Durable 


  • Heavy and difficult to carry around
  • Consumes a substantial amount of storage space
  • Requires a strong support surface

WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder

Like some of the other ladders we’ve mentioned, this telescopic ladder is made of aluminum alloy and is easily portable. Its stabilizer bar and non-slip mat boost stability. 

A one-button retraction system makes extension much more manageable. Its maximum capacity is an impressive 330 pounds. 

This ladder can easily handle numerous tasks, like gutter cleaning, replacing bulbs, cleaning windows, and the like, since the ladder height can adjust foot by foot– another great all-in-one ladder for homeowners. 

Additionally, it extends to a top height of 15 feet, but the storage size is just a quarter of that. The heavy-duty strap makes transport and storage easy, even if you are working with limited storage space. 


  • Compact design
  • Stabilizers boost safety and stability
  • Lightweight
  • High weight capacity


  • More expensive than comparable ladders
  • Not ideal for multiple stories
  • Requires support

Tacklife Telescoping 17 Foot Ladder With Aluminum Extension Ladder

This telescoping ladder features a unique design that allows users to modify it to suit their needs. It can serve as a staircase, single, wall, double-sided, work-platform, scaffolding system, straight, or extension ladder. 

It is solid and multifunctional, making it an ideal choice for gutter cleaning. The ladder can extend to a maximum height of 17 feet. It is collapsible, so carrying it around and storing it is easy. It weighs just over 40 pounds and can safely support up to 300 pounds. 


  • Flexible wheels facilitate easy transport
  • Collapsible and easy to store
  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Great for single-story homes


  • Lower duty rating than other ladders than previously mentioned models
  • Doesn’t extend far enough to handle two-story homes

Ladder-Max Original Gutter Cleaning Bundle

Although this product isn’t technically a ladder, it is an excellent addition for cleaning gutters. It is a great ladder accessory bundle specific for gutter cleaning. 

It comes with a ladder standoff stabilizer, scoop, grabber and extension pole, and a bucket hook– all valuable accessories for cleaning out your gutters.

The stabilizer holds the ladder away from the gutters, preventing it from leaning on the system and damaging it. 

The scoop’s flexible tip can conform to nearly any size of gutter, and the tongue extends beneath the gutter’s supports, ensuring you get all of the debris from the bottom of the gutters. 

The gutter grabber can reach into hard-to-reach corners where the scoop can’t, and the extension pole attachment reduces how often you have to climb down the ladder and move it over. 

Plus, instead of having to carefully balance your bucket on the ladder rungs, use the bucket hook to dangle the bucket in an easy-to-reach location on the ladder. 

What are Ladder Duty Ratings? 

Ladder duty ratings are the maximum load capacity or weight capacity the ladder can safely support. While you’re browsing ladders, it’s essential to get one that has a good duty rating. 

The maximum rated weight consists of a few different components, such as the person’s weight, any gear or clothing they’re wearing, and the weight of the supplies and tools they use and store on the ladder. 

Duty ratings are the best way to compare different ladders. To determine the duty ratings, the manufacturer uses a standard set of guidelines, construction, testing, use, etc., to meet the rating. 

Duty rating stickers are mandatory on the side of every ladder per safety standards. 

There are five categories of ladder duty ratings, which include:

  1. Type l: These ladders are widely used by contractors, construction workers, public utilities, and other professional services. They can handle up to 250 pounds. 
  2. Type lA: Ladders classified as lA can support occupant loads up to 300 pounds.
  3. Type lAA: These ladders can safely support up to 375 pounds.
  4. Type ll: Commercial applications, like interior decorators, electricians, and painters, commonly use ladders that fall into this category. They can handle a maximum weight of 225 pounds.
  5. Type lll: For the most part, these ladders are household ladders. They are great for light-duty use and are rated at 200 pounds maximum weight capacity.

What is a Combination Ladder? 

To put it simply, combination ladders are essentially ladders composed of several sections that you can combine together. 

Think of combination ladders as lego blocks. You can assemble the pieces into various configurations depending on what you need to do with your ladder. 

Combination ladders eliminate the need for multiple types of ladders. There are four main types of combo ladders:

  1. 3-section: These have three sliding sections that store each section, making it easy to store. Locks on the ladder let you adjust it to whatever length you need. 
  2. 2-section: These ladders work just like 3-sections ladders but with one less section (hopefully that’s obvious). 
  3. Combination ladders for stairs: This ladder has supports for stairs and usually has two or three sections but can be used as a free-standing ladder, stepladder, or extension ladder. 
  4. 3-way combination stair ladders: These are smaller designs than other adjustable stair ladders. They work great in home interiors for decorating and painting.

Ladder Safety and Gutter Cleaning

Clambering up a ladder is always a hazard and can be incredibly unsafe if you don’t follow proper safety protocols. 

Every year, millions of people end up in the emergency room due to injuries from falling off of a ladder. And truth be told, some don’t make it out alive. 

Adding gutter cleaning into the mix makes the situation even more dangerous, considering you need to lean over and remove all the debris from your gutters and place it into buckets. 

So, please ensure that you take extra care when cleaning your home’s gutters. To eliminate any personal risk and get the job done right, you can hire our team of experienced gutter cleaners for assistance. 

To promote your safety while up on the ladder, we recommend you follow the American Ladder Institute’s guidelines (which our crew follows too):

  • Refrain from climbing if you’re unwell: Don’t scale your ladder if you feel tired, dizzy, or otherwise unwell. If you do, you have a significant risk of falling.
  • Climb in good weather only: If it is raining, snowing, very windy, etc., wait to climb until there is good weather. 
  • Choose appropriate footwear: It is never a good idea to climb a ladder barefoot or in any type of slippery sole shoe. Instead, wear a clean, slip-resistant pair of shoes. 
  • Use a correct ladder: Use a ladder to support your weight combined with the tools and objects you place on the ladder. It should extend far enough that you don’t need to use the top rung to reach your gutters.
  • Brace the ladder on solid ground: Never place the ladder on soft, uneven, or wet ground, as it may sink or tip.
  • Don’t put the ladder in front of a closed door: Placing a ladder in the swing of a closed door is a recipe for disaster. Even if you think no one will open the door, don’t risk this potential disaster. 
  • Always follow the “3-points of contact” rule: Keep two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot on the ladder at all times, whether you are climbing, descending, or working on the ladder. 
  • Face the ladder: Regardless of whether you are ascending, descending, or working on the ladder, never face away from the ladder. You’re more likely to fall. 
  • Don’t try to move the ladder while standing on it: This should be obvious, but you should never try to move the ladder while you’re standing on it; it will destabilize the ladder and make you fall.
  • Use a toolbelt: Wear a tool belt while working from the ladder, so you don’t have to hold tools in your hands while you climb. 
  • Take your time: Don’t rush up or down the ladder– sudden movements could jostle the ladder and make it fall. Take your time and be safe. 

What if the Ground is Uneven? 

When possible, avoid propping ladders up on uneven surfaces. Since any shift in weight while you climb could cause the ladder to tip, your risk of falling and injuring yourself is much higher compared to a ladder on even ground. 

In cases where you have no other option than to place your ladder on uneven ground, there are a few things you can do. 

Many ladders come with wide-flared leg extensions that help in these situations by offsetting uneven ground. For example, you can make one leg longer to make the ladder even. 

Or you can try to level the ground by moving the dirt around, then place a large square board on the leveled area for added stability. 

Scared of Ladders? Give us a Call!

Cleaning gutters on one-story homes may not seem scary, but once you climb up there, vertigo may set in. Scaling a ladder two stories up with the necessary gutter cleaning tools is even more frightening to some. 

The average height of a single-story home, 10 to 11 feet, is much more approachable than 2-story houses. However, even with the right ladder, if you’re not comfortable with scaling a ladder to clean your home’s gutter system, we can help. 

Gutter cleaning can be a time-consuming task and requires specific tools. If you don’t have the time, materials, or the courage to scale a ten to a twenty-foot ladder, give us a call. 

Here at Regional Gutter Repair, we have the training, experience, and proper tools to safely and efficiently clean your home’s gutters. 

To get started with a quote, give us a call or fill out our form below!

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