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Are you wondering how much gutter installation costs for your home?

Well, you definitely came to the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Gutter installation cost by type
  • Factors that influence gutter costs
  • How you can save money on gutter costs

And much more!

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So, if you’re looking for answers on how much do gutters and installation cost, keep reading our cost guide below to learn everything you need to know.

The Average Gutter Installation Cost

The national average cost for gutter installation ranges between $4 to $45 per linear foot of gutter. Of course, this is a very wide price range, but there’s a good reason for it! Gutters have so many different material options, styles, and other cost drivers that make the price range highly diverse.

With that said, the average total installation cost for an average home is $1,100. However, you may pay more or less depending on the options you choose, which we will discuss below.

What Is the Cost of Gutter Installation by Type?

As you now know, the professional installation cost of gutters varies depending on a lot of factors. One significant cost driver is the gutter material.

Vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and zinc are the most common materials available.

And while they all direct water away from your home, there are many differences. Here is how their installation costs compare. 

Cost of Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl (PVC) gutters and downspouts cost between $4 to $9 per linear foot of gutter on average for installation. They are typically the lowest priced of all gutter materials. 

However, every so often, the price of aluminum will drop, and aluminum gutters will be slightly less. 

Vinyl gutters are lightweight, durable, and come in a variety of colors to match your home. Make sure you get a UV-resistant vinyl gutter so that they don’t fade from sun exposure. 

Cost of Aluminum Gutters

On average, aluminum gutters and downspouts will cost homeowners between $7 to $14 per linear foot of gutter. Aluminum is lightweight, durable and also has many gutter color options. They are the cheapest type of metal gutters and have great rust and corrosion resistance.

Their material costs are usually slightly higher than PVC but arguably have a longer lifespan– they are less prone to cracking. 

Cost of Galvanized Steel Gutters

Galvanized steel gutters, sometimes known as galvalume, have an average installation cost between $10 to $22 per linear foot of gutter. 

Steel gutters aren’t any better at moving water away from your home than aluminum gutters, but they have better longevity and resistance to the elements. 

So, if you live in an area with super harsh weather conditions, consider steel gutters over aluminum. 

Also, steel is heavier and more durable than aluminum, making it harder to bend and dent. 

If you’re playing basketball near your home, it might be an excellent decision to go with steel to protect against accidental impacts from your failed 3-point shots. 

Cost of Copper Gutters

Copper gutters have average installation costs ranging from $26 to $45 per linear foot of gutter. They are high-end and almost always the most expensive gutter material due to the high costs of copper (it has many industrial and investment uses). 

Copper gutters can be a beautiful addition to your home, particularly if they develop a nice patina. Copper gutters are also highly durable and sturdy– just look at how long the Statue of Liberty’s copper exterior has lasted if you’re in doubt. 

However, to some homeowners, the patina and extra costs are not desirable. 

Cost of Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutters cost on average between $22 to $30 per linear foot. If you don’t like the look of copper, you can opt for zinc for similar durability. Zinc is the same metal that makes up 98.5% of today’s pennies (the other 1.5% is copper).

As you can imagine, zinc is incredibly durable but doesn’t have the shiny or patina color copper gutters vaunt. Zinc offers many color options for your gutters, so you can easily match it to your siding, shingles, fascia, or trim. 

What is the Cost Of Repairing Gutters by Type and Style?

An additional factor in the cost of rain gutters is their type and style. While type and style may sound like interchangeable terms with gutters they usually refer to different things. 

Although your neighbors might say you have “stylin’ gutters,” the term “style” actually refers to whether they are seamless or sectional.

Type usually refers to the shape, like half-round or k-type. Here’s how the style and type of gutters impact their installation costs. 

Installation Costs by Type

The most common gutter types are k-type, half-round, box-bottom (square), and custom-built fascia gutters. Their installation costs range between $4 to $45 per foot – it is worth noting that most “types” are available in almost every material and “style.” 

So, depending on the combination of those three options, your price will vary. 

K-Type Gutters

K-type (also called “k-style”) gutters have an average installation cost of $4 to $25 per linear foot (which varies depending on material and style). 

They look like a cursive “k” from the cross-section/profile view and have a flat back that nails directly into the fascia boards along your roofline. 

They are common in homes built after the 1970s. Homeowners like them for their curb appeal and liken them to crown molding. 

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters cost homeowners between $5 to $17 per linear foot on average. They look like a pipe cut in half longways and hang from gutter hangers or brackets that connect to your fascia. They are common today but are most prevalent on homes built before the 1960s.

Box-Bottom Gutters

Box-bottom or square gutters cost on average $20 to $45 and feature a (we hope you guessed it…) square bottom. They are usually pretty durable but are a bit more challenging to clean and slightly more prone to clogging.

Custom-Built Fascia Gutters

Custom-built fascia gutters ring in as the most expensive gutter type at $25 to $55 or more on average, per linear foot. They are built on-site, custom fit to the home, and are made to match your roof’s edge perfectly.

They are usually deeper than they are wide and because of that are more prone to clogging. However, most homeowners agree that they are the most visually appealing gutter type around. 

Repair Cost of Seamless and Sectional Gutters

Seamless and sectional gutters are the two “styles” that homeowners can choose from. Here is how their average pricing compares. 

Seamless Gutter Install Costs

Seamless gutters cost between $5 to $45 on average per linear foot. Seamless gutters have no seams and must be made on-site (outside your home) with a mobile gutter extrusion machine.

They are less likely to have leaks and clogging issues, but the entire long section has to be replaced if they do have problems. 

Sectional Gutter Install Costs

Sectional gutters have an average cost of $4 to $22 per linear foot of gutter. Obviously, they are less expensive than seamless gutters, but sectional gutters are more prone to leaks (through the seams). But, they are less costly to repair since you only have to replace a single section. 

They typically come in 10-foot sections, and you can pick them up from most home improvement stores. This makes sectional gutters perfect for DIY projects, but it helps to have a professional install them too, so they’re angled correctly and don’t leak. 

What Factors Influence the Total Cost of Gutter Installation?

Besides the factors and features of the gutters themselves, additional external factors affect how much homeowners pay for gutter installation. 

Here are the top additional factors that affect gutter installation costs.

Your Location

If you’ve traveled around the country much, you’ve probably noticed that the price of gas, clothes and even food varies depending on what state you’re visiting. 

The same variability in pricing depending on your location is true for gutters. As such, a home in Indiana will likely have a lower installation cost than a home in Florida. 

The main reason for the gutter price difference is the local labor rates. Plus, homes that experience cold weather usually need extra sturdy gutters to handle the extra weight of snow and ice dams. 

Size of Your Home

The size or square footage of your home plays a significant factor in the price you will pay for gutter installation. For example, if you have a large house that needs a considerable amount of gutters, you’ll have a higher installation cost. 

Plus, if you have a two-story or multiple story home, you’ll also pay an additional cost. It takes more time climbing up and down the ladders. 

Extra Features

If you choose additional features for your gutters, those will add time and component cost to your gutter installation project. 

Some homeowners might add gutter guards or leaf filters, splash blocks, and downspout extensions to keep their gutters cleaner; obviously, these have extra charges and labor costs.

Factors to Consider When Hiring A Gutter Installation Contractor

For homeowners looking for a gutter installation contractor or gutter company, it could quickly become overwhelming. There are many options available; here are the main things you can look for when deciding. 


If you hire someone to install your gutters, you better be sure they have experience. If you hire someone inexperienced, you risk having your gutters improperly installed. If that happens, rainwater can leak directly next to the exterior of your home.

Besides creating a muddy mess, the excess water can destroy your landscaping and yard, flood your basement, and damage your home’s foundation


As with most things in life, the cheapest options are most often not the best options. If you go cheap, your installers may cut corners and complete a shoddy gutter installation. In that case, you’ll be forking over more of your hard-earned cash for gutter and home repairs. 


Everyone’s busy, and sometimes getting a quote or even getting past an automated prompt when you call in can be frustrating. If you need new gutters, it is likely vital that you talk to a real person right away. 

Along the same lines, when the gutter professional is providing an estimate and scheduling an installation time, it is paramount that they have active communication with the homeowners. We believe that communication is key to performing a successful job – so fill out our form or give us a call today. 

How Can you Save Money on Gutter Installation?

There are many ways homeowners can save on gutter installation. A common cost-saving method is a DIY installation, and while that can save you money, it may cost you more later. To put it simply – gutter installation is tricky, and to do it right requires some experience and the proper tools. 

Plus, climbing up and down a ladder can be dangerous, and if you install your gutters incorrectly, you can damage your property. Your DIY home improvement project can quickly turn into a water-damaged nightmare.

Here is how our gutter installation experts help you save money on your gutter installation. 

Correct Installation

Installing gutter systems correctly and preventing issues in the future is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t pay excessive repair costs in the future. 

For example, if the gutters are angled slightly in the wrong direction, rainwater can overflow and pool around the perimeter of your home.

This could wash away landscaping, seep into your basement, cause water damage, and harm your foundation. 

So along with now having to repair your gutters, you’ll have to pay additional home repair costs too. A gutter pro can install them correctly in the first place and recommend the best gutter type for your climate. 

Hire Experienced Gutter Professionals

Our team of gutter professionals has the knowledge, training, and experience to install gutters efficiently and correctly. Plus, we provide a comprehensive warranty. 

If you need new gutters, give us a call now or fill out our form today! 

We provide free quotations on gutter installation, gutter replacements, gutter repairs, and gutter cleanings and have a wide selection of gutters for your home.

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