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Most Medford, OR residents know the benefits of a home gutter system, but some homes are still without gutters and downspouts. Gutters not only provide a clean look to your home but also protect your house from significant damage. In an area like Oregon, a gutter system is worth the investment for several reasons.

In this article, we’ll discuss how much it costs to install a gutter system in Medford, the benefits you’ll enjoy from having gutters installed, and why you should consider hiring gutter professionals like us to do the installation for you.


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How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost in Medford?

Most Medfordites pay around $1,106 to have a full gutter system installed. There is some variation in pricing, but you can expect a total between $995 and $1,217.

What Are The Cost Factors Associated With Gutter Installation?

The cost to install gutters and downspouts in Medford can range quite a bit, depending on the below cost factors.

The biggest price variance will be based on the size of your home. In Medford, the average house size is , which equates to a standard home perimeter of linear feet.

Gutters are priced, in part, based on the linear feet required. If you have a home that is larger than average, you’ll naturally need longer gutters to span the perimeter, which will cost you more.

Another important consideration to make when estimating the price of your gutter installation project is the shape of your home. Long stretches of gutters are typically very simple to install and don’t take much cutting or custom sizing. On the other hand, bumpouts and additions to your home will create the need for custom fitting.

The average home in Medford, Oregon is 39 years old. Homes built prior to 1970 were generally very uniform and rectangular, so gutter installation on homes older than 50 years will tend to be cheaper. However, if your home has additions or other bumpouts the cost to install gutters might be a bit higher than average.

Finally, the gutter material you choose will affect the price significantly.. Most homeowners in Medford have aluminum gutters and downspouts, which are a bit more costly than vinyl for the material but are the easiest to install. Since material costs in outweigh the difference in installation cost, aluminum gutters will be a bit more costly. However, they last longer than vinyl and are easier to repair, so they will cost you less in the long run.

Should You Install Gutters In Medford?

Gutters will benefit any home, but Medfordites will see more benefits than in many other areas.

Most importantly, gutters in Medford will move precipitation falling off your roof away from your foundation. The most common soil in Oregon is Jory. When this soil around your foundation becomes saturated with runoff, it can cause various foundation problems, including cracks, leaks, floods, indoor mold growth, and moisture accumulation.

The cost of foundation repair in Medford can be as high as $4,499 - $13,000. Considering that, the $995 - $1,217 cost of gutter installation pales in comparison.

Lastly, gutters help redirect runoff from precipitation to safe areas of your property, which is especially helpful during heavy rainfall and flooding. For instance, Medford receives an average of 27.4 per year. Year round, Medfordites can expect about 96 days of rain each year. All of this rain can be adequately redirected to an appropriate part of your plot with a professionally-installed gutter system.

Flooding is another problem for many areas in the United States that receive average or above-average rainfall and have shallow groundwater. Flooding from severe precipitation can lead to erosion and leaking into your home if you don’t have a gutter system installed to help manage the water. 

What Environmental Factors Affect Gutter Installation in Medford?

Homeowners in some areas can safely choose whether they want gutters installed, but a system is highly recommended for all homes in Medford. Below are some environmental and climatic factors that make gutters even more beneficial in Oregon

Tree Coverage

When we install gutters on your home, we’ll need to consider how many trees you have on your property and their proximity to your house. Nearby trees can drop leaves, fruit, nuts, sticks, and other debris into your gutters, contributing to clogs. Although adding gutter covers and downspout drains to your system will increase the cost, we might recommend them if we expect your trees to be an issue in the future.

Around 48.50% of OR is covered by the tree canopy, so the likelihood that you have trees that pose an issue is somewhat high. We will, of course, make an assessment once we’re on site.

The species of trees you have on your property also play a part in how extensively we need to protect your gutters from debris. The most common trees in Oregon are Douglas-fir, Western Oak, and Other Western Hardwoods.

Douglas-fir is a Coniferous tree that can drop Needles directly into your gutters. Western Oak on your property can clog your gutters with Leaves. Other Western Hardwoods, a Decidious species, can contribute to Leaves to the mix.

If these potentially problematic trees that are prevalent in Medford are located near your home, you might need additional protection from sticks, leaves, needles, and other tree debris.


Rainfall is, unsurprisingly, the most significant factor when it comes to deciding how crucial a gutter system is.

Above-average rainfall is best managed and redirected away from your home with gutters and downspouts. The system will help ensure that your home doesn’t get flooded and you don’t have standing water against your foundation.

Snow & Ice

Gutters naturally collect snow and ice during the winter season in most areas. Both are very heavy and can weigh down your gutters to the point of sagging or falling off of your home entirely. The risk of snow and ice accumulation will often help determine the best gutter material to install.

In Medford, residents can expect around 3 snowy days and temperatures below freezing approximately 82 days each year. As such, the risk of snow and ice building up in your new gutter system is low.

Most Medfordites opt for aluminum gutters for their longevity, but they’ll also stand up better to the conditions in Oregon.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather, like hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, monsoons, and severe thunderstorms can all put a lot of stress on gutter systems. Gutter professionals like us take the risk of extreme weather into careful consideration when deciding which gutter material is best for your home.

Why Should You Hire Regional Gutter Repair for Gutter Installation?

Gutter installation might look easy, but it’s actually quite complicated and nuanced. Our professionals have years of experience working in Medford, so they can ensure your gutters are sloped properly, have few seams — or no seams — to reduce mid-line leaks, sagging, and blockages, and are drained to a safe portion of your property to eliminate damage to your home.

We back all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can always rest assured the job will be done quickly and correctly with no damage to your home or landscaping.