How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost?

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Are you wondering how much it costs to repair your gutters?

Well, you definitely came to the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The average rain gutter repair cost
  • The repair cost by type and style of gutter
  • Factors that influence the cost of gutter repairs

And much more!

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So, if you’re looking for answers on the cost of repairing gutters, keep reading our cost guide below to learn everything you need to know.

The Average Gutter Repair Cost

The average cost for gutter repair is between $100 to $600. Prices vary based on:

  • Extent of damage
  • Type of gutter
  • Gutter style
  • Damaged portion length
  • Your home’s height
  • Local labor rates

Repairing your gutters may not be on the top of your to-do list, but you shouldn’t put it off too long. Broken gutters can lead to water getting where it shouldn’t, which can lead to thousands of dollars or more in home and property damages.

What Is The Cost Of Repairing Gutters By Type?

As we now know, many factors influence the cost of gutters, and one of those critical factors is the type of gutters you have. The common materials for gutters include aluminum, vinyl, copper, and steel.

Here is how their repair costs compare.

Cost of Repairing Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters have the lowest material cost and are the cheapest to repair, having an average price between $20 to $30. Vinyl gutters are lightweight and easy to trim down into the exact replacement piece you need to repair.

The cost to repair a vinyl downspout is about $6 on average.

Cost of Repairing Aluminum Gutters

On average, aluminum gutters cost between $30 to $40 per linear foot to repair. Their material costs are a bit higher, and they are a bit more challenging to install.

On average, aluminum downspouts cost around $6 per linear foot to repair and replace.

Cost of Repairing Steel Gutters

The national average price to repair stainless steel gutters is between $40 to $50 per foot. Of course, this makes sense since steel costs more to manufacture and is harder to cut into the exact length needed for a replacement piece.

Steel downspout replacements have an average cost of $10 per linear foot.

Cost of Repairing Copper Gutters

If you live in a luxurious home outfitted with copper gutters, you’ll have to pay big bucks to have them repaired. The average cost to repair copper gutters is between $60 to $100 per foot. Sure copper is not gold, but it is still an expensive and beautiful metal; at least that’s our 2 cents (or $100 per foot).

Not surprisingly, copper downspouts are also more expensive to replace, averaging a replacement cost of $22 per linear foot.

What is the Cost Of Repairing Gutters by Type and Style?

Additional factors related to repair services costs of gutters are their types and style. The “type” of the gutter includes k-type, half-round, fascia, box-bottom, and many more.

On the other hand, the “style” of gutters usually refers to seamless and sectional.

Here is how the type and style of your gutters affect their repair price.

Repair Costs by Type

The most common types of gutters are k-type, half-round, and custom-built fascia gutters. They all cost between $30 to $50 to repair (besides custom-built), which mainly varies by their type of material.

K-Type Gutters

K-type gutters are most common in homes built later than 1970; they have a decorative, contemporary look similar to crown molding. They also have a flat back, which you can nail directly to the fascia boards and not worry about brackets (that’s A-OK in our book)

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters look like half a pipe or tube. They hang from your fascia by gutter hangers. They are easy to repair, and while still semi-prevalent today, they are most common in homes built before the 1960s.

Box-Bottom Gutters

Box bottom gutters have a square bottom instead of a round one; otherwise, they don’t differ much from half-round gutters.

Custom-Built Fascia Gutters

Custom-built fascia gutters nail directly into the fascia along your roof’s edge. They are built for the house right before installation to custom fit your roofline without having seams. As such, they are pricier and cost between $300 to $600 on average (including installation costs) to repair.

Since you’ll have to replace the entire length of the gutter even if a small section gets damaged, you’ll be paying a higher overall repair price.

Repair Cost of Seamless and Sectional Gutters

Seamless and sectional are gutter styles you’ll have to choose from; here is how their average repair cost estimates stack up:

  • Seamless gutters: $300 to $600
  • Sectional gutters: $200 to $400

Seamless gutters have no seams, as their name states. This means the entire length of gutter is one solid piece without any seams and cracks filled with gutter sealant. They’re made on-site, custom-fit to your home.

The benefit of seamless gutters is they’re less likely to have leaks, backups, and clogs. However, if you have an issue, you may need to replace the entire section or span.

For example, if you have 45 linear feet of gutters that are seamless, you’ll need to replace the whole 45-foot piece.

On the other hand, sectional gutters usually come in 10-foot lengths, ready to be picked up from the hardware store. In the example above, you might only need to replace a single 10-foot section if you had sectional gutters, making the repair cheaper.

However, since you’re using multiple pieces, you’ll have seams between each section, creating more opportunities to spring a leak and cause corrosion.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Repairing Gutters?

Many factors influence the costs of repairing gutters. Along with their type, style, and construction material, here are the top factors that influence the repair cost of gutters.

The Amount of Damage

Of course, the full extent of damage to your gutters is a major factor in how much it will cost to repair them – just like a fender bender repair costs much less to fix than damage from a major collision.

If your gutters just have a few leaks that need to be sealed, the repair costs will be low. On the flip side, if a long section of your gutters is sagging or completely falls off your house, your repair costs will be higher.

The Type and Size of Gutter

As introduced in the previous section, the types, styles, and gutter materials have price differences. For example, copper gutters, seamless, and custom fascia gutters have higher repair costs than half-round sectional gutters.

Your Geographic Area

Every state in the U.S. has its own labor rates, plus there are smaller economic differences between certain regions within each state. As such, the labor costs will vary depending on where you live.

For example, gutter repair pricing in Mississippi is lower than the same service in southern California.

Local climate also plays a factor, with colder states generally having above-average repair costs.

Size of Your Home

No, you probably won’t get charged more just because your house is larger; the size factor that drives costs is the number of stories. For example, a single-story home has a lower total cost of repair than a multiple-story home.

What Are the Signs that Your Gutter is in Need of Repair?

Most homeowners don’t even think about their gutters and downspouts. Minor problems are often overlooked, and unless a gutter is severely sagging from their homes, most people won’t notice a problem until they have pooling water around their house.


Various reasons can cause sagging gutters – from clogs to ice dams. However, whatever the cause might be, arranging a repair fast is essential to avoid additional damage to your gutter system and your home. If they fall off, you’ll need to pay for a new gutter installation.


Leaky gutters might not sound like a huge deal, but leaks can lead to more significant problems.

For example, they can grow wider and lead to sagging or catching of debris, leading to a buildup of gunk or a clog. If the leak is severe, it can lead to landscape erosion, flooding, and foundation damage.


Overflowing gutters usually mean one of two things – the gutters are clogged, or they’re the incorrect size. In either case, homeowners should quickly fix this problem, as overflowing gutters can lead to flooding, foundation damage, and more home repairs.

What Problems Result From A Clogged or Damaged Gutter?

Unsurprisingly, clogged and damaged gutters can lead to additional, expensive issues. Here are some common problems that clogged and damaged gutters can cause.

Landscape Damage

If you have problems with your gutters, they won’t correctly redirect the water from your home. And since the water has no place else to go, it will dump right off of your roof and onto your beautiful landscaping.

Besides the money you spent on all your plants and flowers, you likely put a ton of hard work and dedication into making it look nice. Unfortunately, overflowing gutters will wash away or drown your plants.

Foundation Damage

Foundation damage results from water pooling alongside your home and seeping into the foundation. Over time, the water will seep into the foundation’s structure, create cracks, and expand them until they’re large enough for water to enter and flood your basement.

A damaged foundation poses a critical threat to the safety of your home’s structure, along with the water damage it brings.

Water Damage

Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, it is unlikely that water damage was on your list of “basement plans.” However, water damage and the almost certain resulting mold and mildew growth are all-too-common side effects of damaged gutters.

How Can You Save Money On Gutter Repair?

There are a few ways homeowners can save money on gutter repair. With that said, a method we don’t recommend is DIY repair, especially if you are inexperienced with gutters.

Climbing up high on a ladder can be dangerous; plus, if you don’t have the right tools, gutter replacement and repair will be a frustrating experience that will likely end with you calling a gutter repair professional anyway.

Fix It Correctly

Fixing things right the first time is essential in reducing your expenses on gutter repair.

For example, a band aid solution (literally and figuratively) on a gutter leak may only last a few weeks or days, leaving you back at square one and exposed to all the potential costly side effects and potential home improvement projects.

Hire Experienced Gutter Repair Professionals

Experienced gutter repair professionals, like our local pros, have the training, experience, and the proper tools to get the repair done efficiently. Plus, a repair done by a professional will be sure to last and look like new.

If you need help repairing your gutters or just a gutter cleaning, fill out our form below or give us a call today. We provide free quotes on gutter maintenance, cleaning gutters, gutter repairs, and can provide the best gutter replacement costs.

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